ISN Products Nigeria LTD has been in the forefront of medical diagnostic product marketing in Nigeria. 


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ISN Products Nigeria LTD has been in the forefront of medical diagnostic product marketing in Nigeria. The Company started business in 1981 with the sole purpose of handling the marketing and distribution of products from Boehringer Mannheim GmbH (now Roche Diagnostics) in Nigeria. We have been on this for three decades.

The Roche Diagnostics products marketed in Nigeria include:

  • Blood and urine chemistry systems
  • Urinalysis test strips
  • Dry and Wet kits for Clinical Chemistry parameters
  • Diabetes Management systems
  • Immunology test systems

Boehringer Mannheim GmbH was a household name as a world leader in laboratory medicine. They were the early pioneers of urine strips for urinalysis and packaged kits for wet chemistry. In acquiring Boehringer Mannheim worldwide in 1998, Roche Diagnostics GmbH became the new world leader in diagnostic healthcare. Roche Diagnostics GmbH now has the most comprehensive range of strips and kits for urine and blood chemistry.



Our mission is to maximise reagent parameters on installed systems for clinical chemistry and immunology. 

Our aim at ISN Products Nigeria LTD is to encourage the use of these parameters for diagnostic information in clinical chemistry laboratories throughout the country.


COBAS®AmpliPrep/COBAS®TaqMan®48 System

  • Flexible system allows multiple tests and up to 72 samples onboard at one time.
  • Simplified workflow, with minimum instrument setup and ready-to-use reagents.
  • Reduced risk of contamination, with a closed sample tube.
  • Reliable results, assured by the incorporation of quantitation standards throughout the entire assay process.
  • Dependable, self-monitoring operation, with clot detection and volume input surveillance.
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COBAS®  C 311 Analyzer


  • Stand alone analyzer for Clinical Chemistry.
  • Flexible system for consolidating routine and special chemistry workloads. On-board capacity of 45 tests and throughput of up to 480 tests per hour.
  • For analysis of serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), hemolysate and whole blood.

Customer Benefits

  • Comprehensive workload consolidation:  cobas c 311, with up to 45 tests on board, offers consolidated testing from a menu of more than 100 applications.
  • Enhanced lab efficiency: Eliminating reagent preparation and manual sample handling contribute to time savings, faster result availability and turnaround time.
  • Reduced costs: Long on-board reagent stability and long calibration intervals mean fewer calibrations and less waste.

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COBAS®  e 411 Analyzer


  • Bench top analyzer for heterogeneous immunoassays.
  • cobas e 411 offers rapid STAT and turnaround time, an on-board capacity of 18 tests and throughput of up to 88 tests per hour. Sample carrier options include disc or Roche/Hitachi five-position rack.
  • For immunological analysis of serum or plasma.

Customer Benefits

  • Easy to operate : The customized keyboard and easy-to-learn software make training and operation simple and keep user involvement to a minimum.
  • Unique programming-by-loading concept: Barcode-based data entry is carried out automatically by loading reagents, controls and calibrators onto the system – a rapid, robust and safe procedure.

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